Ogelle: Africa’s first user-generated content platform berths in Nigeria

24 April 2019

Technology & Convergence

Ogelle, arguably Africa’s first user-generated content platform has made a triumphant entry into the global digital space with the ambitious plan to become the top aggregator of African content.

Giving this assurance in Lagos at the weekend was Barr. Osita Oparaugo, the Managing Director/CEO, Reddot Television Network Ltd. He spoke at a press conference to herald the official launch scheduled for October later this year.

Justifying the introduction of the online resource and entertainment medium which took over 19 months of planning, the entrepreneur said there was a market for original content, much of which Africa offers.

Upbeat, he said, Ogelle is set to revolutionise the way African content is served globally. “Ogelle is the first user-generated content platform in Africa with 100 per cent focus on African content from films, music, comedy, tourism, cuisine, vocation, news, and lifestyle. Ogelle is not a television station rather a resource and entertainment platform where the general users can create their own channels, create their own content, upload same on Ogelle and the world is watching. With Ogelle, every African now has his or her online television channel for free,” he said.

The platform, he assured, will provide multiple opportunities for African content producers, whose work will now be available around the globe, providing these producers a global voice. “To lovers of African content, Ogelle presents world-class content that is rich in Africa’s customs and traditions, bold, diverse and globally appealing.”

Importantly, he said, “Ogelle presents an excellent avenue for learning through our vocation trainings content creators known as Ogelle vocation. Our strength lies in our extensive creative sector knowledge backed up by network of commercial relationships, which provides Ogelle with the opportunity to act as the bridge between creative content creators and consumers globally. At the same time, we create competitive returns for content creators by monetising any content that exceeds 100, 000 views produced in line with our partner programme will earn $500. The highest payout point is $5000 for content which generate at least one million views.”

The lawyer who also sits atop as the Managing Director of Footprints Africa, an investment-driven initiative with interest in emerging markets economy in Africa, emphasised that Ogelle would provide opportunities for prospective users free of charge but reserves the right to take down any content that violates community blogging guidelines and repulsive to natural justice.

Oparaugo, who also obtained a degree from New York Film Academy on Cinematography and Video making, stressed that the business model of Ogelle is such that revenue generation would be in different streams including premium subscriptions for prospective users, pop up adverts amongst others.

“Ogelle is served in three ways. It’s on your desktop so it’s a website; you can watch on www.ogelle.com and of course if your TV is internet enabled you can also watch it. It can also be viewed on Android and IOS phones. Besides, Ogelle is running on four dedicated servers on Amazon so we can never experience downtime anytime.”

Source: The Nation