MultiChoice Invests In Community TV Stations To Enhance Entertainment Sector

7 May 2019


The MultiChoice Group that has been investing in community TV stations throughout South Africa with technical training, equipment upgrades and content-sharing partnerships on community-level in an effort to build more video entertainment players in the country's broadcasting space.

MultiChoice said that South Africa's community TV stations would not escape the rapid technological changes and trends that are happening globally and impacting all broadcasters, and would have to adapt and change with it to ensure their ongoing existence.

Recently Port Elizabeth's Bay TV (DStv 260) unveiled its upgraded control room and green-screen studio facilities that are part of a multi-million rand upgrade investment in the community TV station from MultiChoice.

The new investment will help Bay TV improve its production values and overall quality so that it offers its viewers a more valuable viewing experience.

In 2014, MultiChoice donated a top-of-the-range final control centre (FCC) to Bay TV, and in 2018 the pay-TV operator installed a control room and studio, enabling Bay TV to produce its own news, talk shows and other local content.

MultiChoice's Senior Manager for Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Mandla Ndlovu said that the investment reinforces MultiChoice’s vision of a video entertainment sector that has a lot of players who understand their communities and are able to create opportunities for young people.

Ndlovu noted that for Bay TV, MultiChoice was not only looking at improving the studio or final control centre (FCC). The pay-TV giant was also looking at the content provided by the TV station and making sure that the station’s employees are fully trained.

Ndlovu concluded by saying that Bay TV and all the other community TV stations must understand that the environment of video entertainment is changing. They are not only going to be competing with SABC, MultiChoice or

There are many more players now, and by investing in them, MultiChoice is trying to help ensure that community TV stations are ready to tackle all the new changes head-on.

Source: Teeveetee