Toronto Hot Docs Film Festival to Premiere Moroccan Amazigh Amussu Film

7 May 2019

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Toronto Hot Docs

The documentary focuses on the Imider community’s fight against exploitation by the local silver mine.

The documentary film “Amussu” about protests in Imider, a village in south-east Morocco against exploitative action from a local mining company, has been chosen for premiere at the Hot Docs International Festival in Toronto, Canada, which runs from April 25 to May 6. The film is scheduled to premiere on April 29 with at least two more showings on April 30 and May 4.

If the film wins best international documentary at the festival, it will be eligible for the Oscars.

For Moroccan director Nadir Bouhmouch, “Amussu’s” selection proves that “African cinema does not need large means, does not need French producers, nor their sophisticated equipment, nor hierarchical production structures” to make an impact.

Bouhmouch, a 28-year-old based in Marrakech, works as a filmmaker, photographer, researcher, and writer. His work focuses on indigenous land rights and environmental issues in Morocco’s marginalized interior regions.

Source: Moroccon World News