Trace Sports Stars And KruisKyk Channels Removed From's Openview Satellite-TV

7 May 2019

Content - Television's Openview free-to-air satellite service is reported to be dumping two more channels with the Afrikaans Christian TV platform KruisKyk and Trace Sports Stars both getting axed.

KruisKyk was broadcasting on channel 151 before being shut off on 2 May. Trace Sports Stars is on channel 116 on Openview and is scheduled for shut-down on 14 May, according to industry insiders.

KruisKyk was a part of the first channel line-up when Openview was launched as OpenView HD in 2013. Trace Sports Stars was then added in June 2016.

E-Media Investments in a statement has confirmed the channels' removal and said that the free-to-air satellite television broadcaster OpenView has made the decision to terminate the Afrikaans religious channel KruisKyk and that later this month, Trace Sports Stars will also no longer be available on its satellite platform.

Openview noted that the termination of KruisKyk came after lengthy discussions between the channel's providers Clemens and Stephanie Mans and OpenView.

E-Media investments' General Manager for Group Content Services, Ziyanda Mngomezulu said that the decision to remove both Trace Sports Stars and the KruisKyk channels from OpenView had been a very challenging one.

She, however, added that the change had to be made because, since its inception into the South African market years ago, OpenView has always made sure that it stays relevant by adapting and reshaping in response to market dynamics and demands.

Mngomezulu assured that Openview would continue to place the needs of its viewers first in each decision that is implemented
Source: Teeveetee