Rootflix Streaming Services To Be Launched To Stream Nollywood Movies

7 May 2019


Kelechi Eke has made a name for himself in the African Film Industry with significant roles spanning from director, producer, writer and star. He has also founded an African Film production company and The African Film Festival.

His latest business venture, Rootflix is a movie streaming platform that will allow critics and fans access to festival-quality films from all over the world.

Eke moved from Nigeria to Dallas to study mathematics and computer science at East Texas Baptist University.

Eke said that he designed Rootflix because he saw the opportunity and that there are great films such as many of the Nollywood movies that don’t make it to Netflix. He noted that Rootflix already has a collection of different films from various film festivals and that he expects the streaming service to grow tremendously over the next five years.

Eke explained that Rootflix is not limited and anybody can add their film to the service. The founder said that this would provide budding filmmakers, mainly from Nigeria, with the opportunity to showcase their work.

This year Rootflix will be launched and introduced to the world.

Eke said that film fanatics and makers would no longer miss out on Nollywood films that they had anxiously awaited to see that end up being cut from the lineup due to time constraints.

Source: Black Press USA