Natural TV Becomes First Private Turkish TV Channel To Reach African Audience

7 May 2019


Natural TV, the first private Turkish TV channel to air in Africa, offers original content from Turkey and grows cultural awareness in the region.

The channel kicks off the day with cartoons and continues by featuring music, health, agriculture and cultural content. It also broadcasts news from Turkey’s Anadolu Agency.

The audience gets the chance to watch foreign production films as well as Turkish production films. Popular Turkish series will soon be featured on the channel.

The CEO of Natural TV, Tuncay Demir said that Natural TV receives hundreds of videos from many different parts of Africa. He added that it makes him happy to deliver Turkish culture and economy to so many African homes through this channel.

Natural TV broadcasts both in French and English. It covers more than 22 African countries and reaches approximately 5 million homes. The channel’s presenters are young people from Ghana, Nigeria and Rwanda.

Demir said that the Turkish Trade Ministry is paying the bulk of the advertisement costs of companies that work with the TV channel such as Turkish Airlines and Maarif Foundation.

The President of the Turkish African Affair Council, Abdülaziz Ünal said that there is enormous interest from Africa to Turkey.

Unal said that thanks to the Natural TV channel, Africans have learned a lot about the opportunities available in Turkey, especially in the health sector.

Source: Hurri yet daily