Nigerian Copyright Commission Calls For More Effective Legal Framework To Protect Sports Rights

7 May 2019

Regulation & Policy

Recently in Abuja, Nigeria, the Director-General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), John Asein said that in order for the full potential of the sporting and other related industries to be achieved, countries must have adequate, effective and responsive legal frameworks in place for the administration, protection and enforcement of rights.

He noted that the Federal Executive Council had already approved a Draft Copy Bill that is much better suited for the current digital environment.

According to Asein, the move is a government response to the need to update its copyright system to better address emerging challenges in modern times.

He said that the universal value of sports in today’s world is enormous all over the world and that the sporting industry has become a multi-billion–dollar worldwide industry that creates employment, attracts investments and also contributes to the growth of many dependent sectors.

In Asein’s opinion, business relationships built on intellectual property rights will help to solidify the economic value and improve the future of sports.

The Director-General estimated that intellectual property is right at the centre of the commercial exploitation of sports, contributing generously to the growth of a community of players whose combined net worth is over 300 billion dollars.

He said that the use of intellectual property rights, through the licensing of live broadcast and the transmission of sporting tournaments represents significant amounts of income in the sports sector.

Asein called on all stakeholders to continue supporting the government in its efforts to build a robust and functional copyright system that will deliver due dividends to the right owners.

Source: Nigerian Communcations Week