China-Funded Village Television Initiative Reportedly Yields Fantastic Results In Zambia

23 May 2019


The Zambian government has described an initiative funded by China to offer satellite television services to rural parts of the country as an incredible success that has achieved the intended results.

Approximately 500 schools, villages and other community centers in Zambia have received television sets through the Chinese-funded satellite project which was part of the outcomes of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) that was held in 2015.

Through the project, China pledged to deliver satellite TV to 10,000 African villages in no less than 25 countries. Zambia’s government collaborated with TopStar, a division of StarTimes in distributing the televisions.

Chanda Kasolo, the Permanent Secretary in Zambia’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, said that the project was allowing people in rural areas to be part of the day-to-day social and economic development of Zambia.

He said that people in different communities were now able to stay informed about what was happening in the country and the project was helping reduce the levels of illiteracy and poverty.

Kelvin Lungu, the Deputy Principal of Mwembeshi Primary School, said that the project was making it easier for teachers to give lessons.

He said that the initiative was also helping pupils from rural areas keep abreast with pupils from urban areas and he thanked the Zambian government for bringing the project to schools in rural areas.

Cliff Sichone, the Vice-President of TopStar, declared that the firm had installed all 500 TV kits by the end of 2018 and was satisfied with the positive feedback from the communities.

Source: Xinhua Net