Botswana Television to air AFCON matches

18 June 2019

Content - Television

The national television broadcaster, Botswana Television (Btv) is in the process of seizing broadcast rights for this year’s Africa Cup of Nations, which begins in Cairo, Egypt next Friday.

The Head of sports of BTV, Edson Malebane said they were mid-way through negotiations to seize the broadcast rights.

Malebane said the intention is to buy the whole package of all activities under Confederation of African Football (CAF) from 2019-2021 and it will be a matter of time before negotiations are concluded. He said they will start with the AFCON and other tournaments such as Under-20, -23 and Women Championships.

“It is a process that has to be approved by the tender board and at the moment I cannot state how much we are going to spend in buying the rights,” he declared.

Malebane concluded that the rights are bought from Africa Union of Broadcasting (AUB) based in Senegal.

Source: NexTVAfrica