Azuri launches solar satellite TV in Zambia

3 July 2019

Technology & Convergence

Azuri Technologies s, a commercial provider of pay-as-you-go solar home electricity to off-grid consumers, has launched its 24-inch solar satellite TV and home lighting system in Zambia. The TV launch comes on the heels of Azuri's announced strategic USD 26 million equity investment, accelerating the company's expansion plans across sub-Saharan Africa.

AzuriTV is a solar TV and satellite package designed for off-grid consumers in Africa. Azuri customers pay for their solar and satellite TV service through regular weekly installments, and once the system is paid for, all energy generated going forward is free of charge.

The AzuriTV package includes a 24-inch solar TV with 49 popular Zuku satellite TV channels and over 50 radio channels, and comes complete with solar home lighting, rechargeable radio, torch and mobile phone charging. The complete package costs from ZMK 98 per week.

Source: Telecompaper