Broaden your African cinema horizons Durban International Film Festival (DIFF)

30 July 2019

Content - Film

The 40th edition of the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) started on July 18 and runs till 28. It’s one of Africa’s longest-running festivals with a strong focus on African Cinema, with 180 screenings of new films at this year’s edition. It offers an opportunity for filmmakers and film lovers from around the continent to see the work of emerging African filmmakers and network.

It also includes the Talents Durban programme in partnership with the Berlin Film Festival, which gathers 20 filmmakers from around the content to be mentored and develop their projects. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to connect with filmmakers from other countries and get some insight into their experience and the cinema of their country. As an alumnus of the programme, I can say it shifts your paradigm about filmmaking in Africa as a whole.

The thing is, the average Nollywood patron has seen little to no films from other African countries. At the most, they can mention a few films by Ghanian filmmakers who regularly cast Nollywood actors in their films or Ghanian films starring Nollywood stars. They have seen multiple Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong Kong martial arts films but not films from saying; Mali, Congo, Kenya, South Africa or Senegal. Read the full article on The Guardian here.