North African Films Set to Make Mark at Toronto Festival

11 September 2019

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Toronto film festival

Toronto International Film Festival’s Contemporary World Cinema lead programmer Kiva Reardon, who also curates the festival’s selections from North Africa, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, has noticed an uptick in diverse voices and stories from the region, with women in particular more widely represented. The result, she said, is a more “varied and interesting” portrait of life in North Africa today.

One example is “143 Sahara Street,” Algerian director Hassen Ferhani’s quiet documentary about an off-the-grid café in the Sahara Desert. Offering an intimate portrait of the proprietor and her guests — while training a wider lens on contemporary Algeria — the film both gives rise to “questions of modernization and the far reaches of capitalism” and provides a “nuanced” narrative “driven completely by a female character,” said Reardon. Read the full article on Variety here.