Media Stakeholders Urge Malawi Govt To Introduce TV Institute To Boost Industry

25 September 2019

Regulation & Policy

Malawi’s Government has been urged to roll out a television institute in order to boost the film and TV industry in Malawi.

In an interview with Malawi24, the ex-TV presenter Geoffrey Kapusa said that the television industry in Malawi had been encountering many challenges which are due to lack of proper training and professionalism.

Kapusa added that it is worrisome that in this day and age, presentations and scripts that are meant for radio are being used on TV which according to him is because of lack of proper training, hence the need for the TV institute which has the potential to transform Malawi’s industry.

The veteran TV presenter said that though the country boasts h many television stations, most of them are operating far below the standard lines.

The ex-Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) presenter said that the Government should look into constructing an institute of TV broadcasting where presenters would be trained and equipped with television knowledge and skills.

He noted that the industry is growing, but there is still a lot to be looked if Malawi is serious about improving it because, in his opinion, most of the country’s TV stations lack professionalism skills because of inadequate practical training.

Source: Malawi 24 f