TAC Studios brings new series and development projects to DISCOP

22 November 2019


TAC 328

TAC Studios brings new finished series and fresh development projects amongst its content slate for DISCOP Johannesburg.

JOHANNESBURG, November 18, 2019 - TAC Studios, the production arm of US-based The Africa Channel, announces its showcase of brand new scripted developments, Move On and Asylum, and its fresh finished originals My Design Rules and May’s Kitchen to headline 2019’s DISCOP Johannesburg. These new shows will feature as part of TAC Studios’ premium premier slate for local African distribution amongst its broad catalogue of African-influenced content.

Brendan Gabriel, Johannesburg-based Head of Creative and Production for TAC Studios explains “As the borders of content become blurred thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon, our new and current slate of finished and development shows aspire to meet the demand for content with appeal beyond its borders of origin. This has always been our core agenda of our mother ship, The Africa Channel, that has for over the past 12 years bridged the geographical divide between African influenced content and North America.”

Brendan Gabriel’s sentiments are reflected in TAC Studios’ scripted co-developments, Asylum with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia producer Conor Galvin, and Move On, with award-winning writer-producer trio, Matt andJordan Toronto and Anders Lykke Pedersen.

Conor Galvin’s Asylum is a single camera workplace comedy series that follows the lives of the support staff in a foreign embassy in South Africa. International intrigue and global crises are above their pay grade, but there is no shortage of betrayal, alliances, or comedic intrigue.

Move On is a comedy series about a frantic romantic on a desperate quest to silence her late husband’s ghost who barges in on every date with a consoling message for her potential suitors.

TAC Studios’ brand new unscripted finished series My Design Rules, a home design competition series, and May’s Kitchen, an original cooking series filmed in Egypt, were created with a global aesthetic for audiences both across Africa as well as for North American and UK Pay TV. They come on hot on the heels of other recent productions from TAC Studios including, Africa on a Plate, Minjiba Entertains, and World Wide Nate, which have successfully been distributed to platforms in Africa as well as globally.

Narendra Reddy, General Manager of The Africa Channel adds, “Our finished and in-development originals stands testament to our commitment to building and investing in talent to foster quality and excellence in media production on the continent. We anticipate engaging with local broadcast networks seeking finished shows and investment in pre-sales in content that is uniquely African with an international production aesthetic.”

Source: Press Release