Showmax Ready To Compete With Netflix – MultiChoice

5 December 2019

Content - Television

Showmax is now in the best position to compete with international streaming giants like Netflix.

This is according to the MultiChoice Connected Video’s CEO Niclas Ekdahl, who had a conversation with MyBroadband at a MultiChoice Media Showcase.

Ekdahl said that MultiChoice had done some fantastic things in terms of bringing a stellar content line-up on Showmax, which is the best one across the continent.

He also highlighted the advantage Showmax currently has over Netflix in terms of delivering relevant, local content.

On the topic of international content, Ekdahl noted that the Showmax library had seen significant growth.

Something else which Ekdahl believes has given Showmax a major boost is the service’s ability to acquire the first broadcast rights to premium movies.

Showmax has also recently introduced a mobile-only plan, which costs $3.34 per month for streaming on a tablet or smartphone.

StatsSA conducted a survey in 2018 that showed that approximately 10% of South African households have an Internet connection, while more than 60% of citizens can only access the internet through a mobile device.

Showmax looks to benefit from this market, according to Ekdahl.

He said that the mobile-only subscription is another way for Showmax to make sure that it targets the connected smartphone population.

Source: MyBroadband