Maisha Magic to air Namu’ crime show

5 December 2019

Content - Television

Allan Namu signed a television agreement with Maisha Magic to produce a police program. Tim Okwaro, director of Eastern and Southern Africa, said at a media show in Johannesburg that the decision to incorporate Namu’s content was new.

“We have linked up with John Allan Namu, who is a prolific investigative journalist in Kenya.We are basically telling human interest stories that impact society. It is exciting for us because it is a new space, we have done a lot of entertainment but now we want to see how this space grows.” Okwaro said.

“Our goal is to show Africa as it really is. Africa’s story is often a disjointed summary of facts (and fiction) that don’t do this continent justice. Yet there is so much to say and show about Africa. We believe that the power of investigative and in-depth journalism can be used to hold up a mirror to Africa and show it what it really is,’’ added Okwaro

Besides Namu, Sanaipei Tande is another main character in the televised drama called Kina. She plays the role of a villain. In the trailer projected in Johannesburg during Multichoice’s media presentation, a Sanaipei character is seen driving a tractor into a field, chasing a screaming woman who then falls into a pit. The character of Sanaipei then buries the living woman.

Source: NexTVAfrica