Shesha Fest: African Animation Debuts On Cartoon Network’s!

15 January 2020


Shesha Fest

Finally, here on your screens, Cartoon Network will unveil the three Cartoon Network Africa shorts produced in Africa as part of their Shesha Fest, an on-air stunt in January 2020 as a special gift for its viewers.

From Saturday, 11 January, at 3:15pm and repeating on 12 January at 4:10pm on DStv channel 301, it’s Africa’s time to shine as viewers get to see, for the first time, a melting pot of highly innovative shorts, produced around the globe as well as in Africa!

You can immerse yourself in a wonderful blend of unlikely characters, facing unexpected, hilarious situations in typical Cartoon Network style! All this energy and adrenaline is just what the doctor ordered for the New Year! Shesha, and don’t miss out on some remarkable, and funny, African storytelling as part of the first Shesha Fest with Ridwaan Moshood’s Garbage Boy and Trash Can(Nigeria), Andrew Phillips’ Intergalactic Ice-cream (South Africa), and Mark Kinuthia’s Majitu (Kenya)!

“Our Shesha Fest block is a fun-filled, special window showcasing Cartoon Network’s creativity, tone and humour through innovative and content from Cartoon Network’s local and international productions,” says Ariane Suveg, Programming Director and Head of Kids Content. “Cartoon Network is all about being unique and surprising, and we are super excited to share these innovative, unexpected and imaginative animated comedies specially curated for our Cartoon Network African viewers!”

Along with the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab winning shorts, Cartoon Network will bring viewers The Cherry Brothers, produced by the Cartoon Network French team in collaboration with the school Les Gobelins, and the Sketchy Show, produced by Daley Pearson and Charlie Aspinwall for Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific.

Shorts synopsis in order of airing:

Intergalactic Ice cream (Andrew John Phillips/South Africa): Follow 13-year-old former cool kid, Mak, and his friends, Sally, Milton and Chicken Leg, whose after-school job delivering for an ice cream parlor launches them into the craziest, danger-filled, and dairy-fueled adventures this side of the Milky Way! Their customer? A hungry pie hole. However, Lactavia, the dairy queen of the galaxy, is still on the hunt for Mak, Sally and their wacky crew’s ice cream recipe! Will she finally get the recipe?

Sketchy Show (Daley Pearson and Charlie Aspinwall/Australia): The Sketchy Show is an animated comedy series that takes real kids’ drawings and turns them into hilarious animated shorts featuring a cast of coloured-in characters surrounded by insanity.

Majitu (Mark Kinuthia/Kenya): A spell has been cast on Bokari, triggering him to lose his taste – just what lengths will he go to get his taste back? Follow the adventures of phantom hunting heroes Jasiri and Bokari, as they travel a great distance through an Afro-fantasy world with mystical creatures, fighting their way through challenges to defeat Matembo, one of the most absurd phantoms out there. Nearing the horizon however, a bigger battle is lurking! Will they be ready?

The Cherry Brothers (Myriam Obyn/Cartoon Network France): The Cherry Brothers follows the adventures of two attached cherry brothers who have completely different personalities, one is a heroic adventurer who wields a sword and the other one has more of a “geeky” attitude. Facing an ant-eating creature who holds desperate helpless tiny ants under his captivity, also taking away the book from the “geek-brother”, they will have to join forces and go beyond their differences to become true heroes

Garbage Boy and Trash Can (Ridwan Moshood/Nigeria): Meet Garbage Boy, a self-proclaimed superhero who believes he has real superpowers, along with his alien-tech friend, Trash Can, on their mission to protect the City of Dippledome. Happy-go-lucky comic book enthusiast, Garbage Boy, has managed to get himself into a sticky situation with Dr. Sore Eyes once again. Will he be able to use his imaginary powers to save the day?

Source: Ameyawdebrah