Facebook And Nigerian Communications Commission To Collaborate On Infrastructure Development

30 January 2020

Technology & Convergence

The social networking platform, Facebook, is seeking collaboration opportunities with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to boost connectivity.

A Facebook delegation led by Ibrahim Ba met with the NCC at a conference last week Thursday.

Ba said that there’s a need for more infrastructure expansion in Nigeria to fill the connectivity gap that exists in the country.

He said that Facebook had already started two connectivity projects in Ogun and Edo involving 800 kilometres of fibre that connect institutions with operators towers.

Reiterating Nigeria’s importance to its operations in Africa, Ba said that good infrastructure is the core of Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp’s robust connectivity.

According to him, collaboration opportunities with the NCC would result in further infrastructure expansion in fibre connectivity and increase the efficiency of doing business in the country.

NCC’s Deputy Director of Technical Standards and Network Integrity, Edoyemi Ogoh, assured the delegation of NCC’s unwavering commitment to aiding the expansion of telecoms services in Nigeria.

He said that NCC’s stance is evident in its adoption of the open-access model (OAM) as well as licensing of infrastructure companies (Infracos) to deploy fibre to the hinterland of Nigeria.

Source: The Cable