Mdundo Music Streaming Service Cracks Down On Music Piracy In Africa

27 February 2020

Regulation & Policy

Mdundo, a music streaming service which is active in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia, has partnered with AudioLock to fight online piracy across Africa.

They have announced that together they have gotten rid of over 181,000 infringing links from Google alone that were leading to illegal, unlicensed music by African acts. Mdundo said that it has a catalogue of 200,000 fully licensed songs from African artists, but they are also readily available on unauthorised sites due to a lack of licensing infrastructure across Africa.

This move to remove links to infringing music on Google and other search engines is being funded by Mdundo, and the firm says that it wants other music organisations across the continent to follow its lead.

The CEO of Mdundo, Martin Nielsen, said that music fans are hardly ever aware of the legitimacy of the music websites that they are using. He said that this initiative would guide the users to the best places in the continent to access music legally without interfering with the user experience.

Source: Musically