As Cameras Keep Rolling in South Africa, Producers Sound ‘Urgent’ Plea Over Coronavirus Threat

25 March 2020


South African producers are demanding an “urgent all-industry response” to the threat posed by coronavirus, with a leading industry body calling for a coordinated plan from broadcasters and government agencies to address the potential economic fallout of the global pandemic on the local film and TV biz.

The Independent Producers Organization (IPO) sounded the alarm in a statement this week, declaring that the industry had to move swiftly “to protect the cast and crew’s health…and minimize the impact on their financial well-being.”

The organization, which represents hundreds of independent film, TV and video producers, stopped short of calling for an immediate shutdown, saying its members were “mindful of the economic implications of suspending or cancelling a shoot.”

However, the group said it doesn’t see “how productions can continue indefinitely as the epidemic escalates.”

“Action is required today to reduce the exponential risk in virus spread,” read the statement. Read the full article on Variety here.