SES Enabling Canal+ Afrique To Redefine TV Viewing Experience In West Africa

8 April 2020

Technology & Convergence

Leading global content connectivity solutions SES explained how it has joined forces with CANAL+ Group’s CANAL+ AFRIQUE to help the French pay-TV operator penetrate new markets, boost its subscriber base, and bring high-definition (HD) channels to African communities—even in remote areas.

With TV consumption rising rapidly across West Africa, audiences are demanding more choice, improved local content, and premium video quality.

When CANAL+ kicked off its partnership with SES in 2002, the goal was simply to replace the NSS-7 satellite, which had provided limited coverage in West Africa.

After identifying capacity requirements, target markets, and the necessary technical features, SES revamped the SES-4 satellite footprint to go further south and to help CANAL+ reach more areas and audiences in the region.

The initial goal had been for CANAL+ to reach 50% of TV households by 2020.

Expectations were far exceeded when the pay-TV operator increased their reach to approximately 40% of TV households by the end of 2018. With a line-up of more than 200 channels, radio stations, and services, the CANAL+ AFRIQUE platform has the largest HD offer in Africa at more than 50 channels.

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO of CANAL+ AFRIQUE, David Mignot, said that CANAL+ AFRIQUE and SES had been looking into how to expand the market and deliver additional and improved services to African audiences.

Mignot also revealed that through this collaboration with SES, CANAL+ AFRIQUE expects to be rolling out Ultra HD programming within the next three years.

Source: Broadcast Media