DISCOP launches two virtual markets in Africa

23 April 2020



The organizers of the signature DISCOP film and television content markets, Basic Lead, are deploying a new initiative to strengthen and expand business in sub-Saharan Africa from the comfort of a desktop.

With the industry easing into the habit of distance appointments, two annual virtual markets will be launched to complement the organizers' physical markets in Abidjan and Johannesburg.

Each virtual market lasts three months and specifically promotes content available right away and under favourable terms. During that period of time, buyers can screen trailers and full-length episodes online and have access to personalized voice/email/chat assistance to seek answers to their questions and request appointments with rights-holders.

Content will be supplied by the top 100+ global and regional content distributors who service sub-Saharan Africa and already attend DISCOP’s physical markets. To guarantee well-matched and well-prepared meetings, the same appointment-setting discipline DISCOP is known for will be applied to promote content and convert initial interest into confirmed appointments.

Over the next five months, 1000+ individual buyers in 49 African countries will be surveyed, one by one. They represent 400+ public and commercial broadcasters, pay-tv operators and streaming platforms. Urgent programming needs will be at the center of a 20-minute video conference piloted by DISCOP’s reinforced research and networking teams.

Two virtual markets are aready scheduled in 2020


17 countries in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa

250+ buyers targeted | 1 May to 31 July


32 countries in Anglophone and Lusophone Africa

400+ buyers targeted | 1 August to 31 October.

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