Canal+ launches new original series called Agent in Africa

23 April 2020

Content - Television

Canal+ has launched Agent, a new Canal+ original series in Africa. The new series is co-produced by Canal+ International and Cinebar Studio Ltd. Agent is a series about the unforgiving world of football, its superstar players and agents, created and written by Athos Kyriakides, a football fanatic, himself.


Shot in South Africa and Mauritius, Agent reveals the backstage life of football through an explosive trio – Blaze who is an agent on the hot seat who must sign new players and manage the escapades of his clients, Lesego, and their boss Christopher, a brilliant lawyer and creator of the agency. These three characters have been linked forever since an evening that went wrong 6 years ago!


Agent reflects the world of football combining glory, brutal negotiations, betrayals, romantic conspiracy and drama, all carried by characters as extravagant, exuberant and engaging by a soundtrack tinged with the best disco, jazzy and hip hop influences of the 1970s.


Agent has also an international cast consisting of South African (Kay Sibiya and Sisanda Henna), Ivorian (Yannick Konan), Ivorian (Manie Malone), and French (Virgile Bramly) talents.

Source: NexTVAfrica