23 April 2020


EAC dangles $25,000 prize money for youth short video

In a bid to creatively engage youthful East Africans on issues of integration, the East African Community (EAC), on Wednesday marked the opening of the submission portal for its maiden EAC Short Film Competition in Arusha, Tanzania.

The EAC Short Film Competition is part of a year-long citizens’ engagement campaign dubbed ‘The EAC i Deserve campaign’

The campaign seeks to reach more than 10 million citizens using new innovative tools to create a platform where East Africans can share their aspirations, ambitions and desires about the livelihood they wish to experience in the integration. It also seeks to encourage stakeholders to work together to build an economically secure and prosperous future.

Speaking during the launch, Mr Libérat Mfumukeko, the EAC secretary general, said: “The EAC Short Film Competition will involve young people from all our six partner states. A total prize of $25,000 (Shs595m) awaits the innovative 33 youthful winners, short films in French that have English subtitles will be accepted. The submission deadline has been extended to April 30 to allow for more young people to collaborate using online tools.”

The short films, Mr Mfumukeko said, will be judged based on creativity, originality, popularity, entertainment value and advancement of the integration agenda, “...a new opportunity for us to hear stories directly from the citizens on what they think we have so far achieved”.

Requirements for submission

Interested youth can upload their submissions on their personal or friend’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok accounts and include the campaign hashtag #TheEACiDeserve in their postings on digital channels. Later, these should be uploaded on the film’s channel through www.theeacideserve.com.

Entrants should be aged between 18 to 35 years, East Africans, and are at liberty to use any genre to produce the video or animation, and the length should be between 30 and 59 seconds.

For more information visit the website here


Get involved, get creative and be seen on TV!

as People’s Weather launches My First Weather Report

Calling all aspirant TV stars - now's your chance to appear on the box hosting your very own mini-weather broadcast!

People°s Weather (DStv Channel 180) – Africa’s first and only 24/7 weather, environmental news and lifestyle channel – has launched My First Weather Report during South Africa’s lockdown and everyone is invited to take part in this fun family activity.

Those wanting to participate should email myfirstreport@peoplesweather.com after which the channel will revert with a broadcast time and you will be sent a weather forecast and brief by the channel for your selected day. Then simply submit your video clip of you presenting a weather report.

Says Stephan le Roux, CEO of People°s Weather: “The channel strives to make Africa’s nature more inclusive for all and what better way to do that than to use weather, which connects us all, as a conversation starter.

“This is a perfect way for the family to keep busy during the lockdown while also providing a fun and educational way for the children to interact with their surroundings - be it indoors or out in their garden. It's great for youngsters to understand the role weather plays in our day to day lives.

“It also instils confidence in children as they not only have to appear in front of a camera and deliver a message, but they also get to see themselves on the small screen!”

To make things easier for entrants, People°s Weather has provided a MY FIRST WEATHER REPORT brief below:

Film a clip of you or your family presenting a weather report. Be as creative as possible.

Duration: 1 – 2 minutes (no longer). Remember to film landscape/horizontal

Weather forecast: Script to be provided by the channel. Weather forecast will be for the following day.

Please provide a photo of you or your family so we can introduce the clip.


Please note:

Don’t delete mistakes

Parents guiding voices and radiant personalities are welcome

Make sure the audio is clear

You don’t have to recite the actual weather forecast, detailed weather information will be on screen

Only upload a maximum of three takes. If you want us to edit between clips, please provide details

Don’t play any music or have your radio or TV on in the background


Weather forecast script will be provided in the morning of the day of production, by 8 am.

Clips to be uploaded and sent to the channel by latest 12pm/ midday on the same day

Clips will be on-air on the hour, starting 6am, the following day.

So get involved, get creative and be seen on TV!

My First Weather Report (People°s Weather, DStv channel 180) airs on the hour each day from 06h00 until 18h00. If you don’t have DStv, you can watch it for free if you download the DStvNow app on your smart phone or TV.