South Africa: SABC’s Full-Time Education Channel Goes Live

6 May 2020

Content - Television

As of today, 4 May 2020, an exclusive SABC channel dedicated only to educational content will go live.


According to a statement issued by the national broadcaster, the SABC Education channel will first be available on YouTube and Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) with its availability on other platforms to be confirmed at a later stage.


This means that the channel will not immediately be free-to-air and therefore is not yet available to all learners across South Africa.


In line with the SABC’s mandate, the new channel will broadcast public service content from the Department of Education and archived material produced by the SABC on a limited basis.


The public broadcaster believes that this addition of the SABC Education channel to its portfolio will benefit learners who have access to the Digital Terrestrial Television (Digital TV) network and other platforms, and will also provide them with more flexibility in regards to accessing educational content.


The SABC’s Group CEO, Madoda Mxakwe, said that the launch of the channel is timely, as the country requires such interventions to fill the gaps that have been created by Covid-19 related adjustments.


The public broadcaster added that the viability and success of the SABC Education campaign is highly dependent on sponsorships, as this is what will enable them to make this vital educational material available to all learners.

Source: The Citizen