WarnerMedia and StarTimes ink new agreement to distribute Warner TV and CNN International brands in Francophone Africa

6 May 2020


WarnerMedia continues its deployment in French-speaking Africa with the launch of two of its reference brands with the digital television operator StarTimes in Burundi, Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Mali, Cameroon and Congo.


Warner TV and CNN International thus enrich the group’s portfolio already available in StarTimes offers such as TCM Cinema, Boing, Boomerang and Cartoon Network. Warner TV, for the first time available in Africa, is strengthening entertainment brands with its pipeline of premium and essential series. CNN International is the # 1 international news channel.


These launches reflect the consistency of the WarnerMedia group’s offer and roots in French-speaking Africa and mark a new stage in the collaboration between WarnerMedia and StarTimes.


They also underline StarTimes’ desire to continually expand its offer by always offering more high-quality content intended for a demanding African audience.

Source: NexTVAfrica