South African Drama ‘Chain of Voices’ Gets Financing (Exclusive)

6 May 2020


In today’s film news roundup, South African drama “A Chain of Voices” gets financing, Korean drama “Yourself and Yours” gets a home and “Hope Gap” is coming to digital a month early.

The Fight to Fame group will finance “A Chain of Voices,” a feature film based on the novel of the same name by South African author André Brink. Cinema Libre Studio will produce the film along with with Moja Media, Variety has learned exclusively.

The screenplay was written by Jay Cocks, who received Academy Award screenplay nominations for “The Age of Innocence” and “Gangs of New York.” A new entity, Cinema Libre Studio South Africa, will be formed between Cinema Libre Studio and Moja Media to produce this film and other content. Moja Media is represented by Marius Fransman, who has held various government positions in South Africa.

“A Chain of Voices,” published in 1982, depicts life during slavery in the Cape Town region. A young slave, Galant, leads a revolt, which will bring the eventual end of slavery and its violence in South Africa.

Cinema Libre chairman Philippe Diaz said, “Partnering with Marius was a dream come true. I bought the rights of André Brink’s novel almost 30 years ago and Martin Scorsese introduced me to Jay Cocks, who wrote a marvelous script. Unfortunately, I never found the right partner as it has to be shot in South Africa. It will be a significant movie during these times of social upheaval since it’s the story of a man who will change the course of history because of an impossible love.”

The partnership will also bring the Fight to Fame global platform to South Africa with plans to develop a TV show “Africa’s Best Actor” with winners given roles in “A Chain of Voices.”

Source: Variety