BBC Africa Rolls Out 'The Breakdown' For Weekly COVID-19 Coverage Across The Continent

20 May 2020

Content - Television

BBC Africa has rolled out The Breakdown as a weekly COVID-19 TV special which will provide a summary about the spread of the deadly coronavirus, targeted specifically for African viewers. The broadcaster will also continue to air the Africa Coronavirus Minute that is done twice every day.

The Breakdown explains in detail what governments in Africa and around the globe are doing, the real cost of the lockdown and also the science and health information that African audiences need to know.

BBC Africa’s news division incorporates business, health and fact-finding experts into the show to readily answer audience questions and address concerns, while also exposing and disproving myths surrounding the pandemic.

Nisha Kapur, the head of TV commissioning for BBC Africa, said that with the amount of information and the influx of disinformation around COVID-19, audiences could rely on The Breakdown for accurate, engaging and factual content on what is really happening and what they can do. She added that The Breakdown would bring the best of BBC Africa all in one show.

Source: Teevee with Thinus www.