18 June 2020


DISCOP, Africa’s most prominent Film and TV content Market has selected VUULR, the world’s leading B2B Content Rights Marketplace, to provide its technology to power DISCOP CLUB a brand new digital destination designed for African content producers to expand their sales intra-Africa and internationally.


DISCOP CLUB is designed specifically for African content producers to expand their sales intra-Africa and globally. The company’s aim is to sign-up more than 200 independent producers from Africa and premiere DISCOP CLUB at DISCOP's in-person market to be held in Johannesburg on 28 and 29 October 2020.


All content listed on DISCOP CLUB, will not only be seen by DISCOP CLUB Buyers in across the Continent, but will also feature on the VUULR marketplace, giving African content creators exposure to the more than 2,000 additional international buyers already registered and using VUULR.


Both on DISCOP CLUB and VUULR negotiations and transactions are done entirely online. Buyers can browse curated collections or find specific content easily via user-friendly search and filter functions as well as check Avails instantly and watch screeners and trailers on demand. Buyers can make flat rate offers and VOD platforms can also make offers with performance pricing models based on viewer count, stream length or share of advertising revenue.


“Engaging buyers across Africa and internationally, online, will be a game-changer for Africa’s content industry. Before DISCOP CLUB, the high cost of gaining international sales created a barrier for African content producers. DISCOP CLUB will democratize the access to distribution, giving content creators from all over Africa the opportunity for their content to sell globally with no registration fee” says Patrick Zuchowicki Jucaud, President of DISCOP.


“The rise in demand for international content and its increased accessibility offers unprecedented opportunities for African sellers to export and monetize their content in international markets with zero upfront costs and little effort. We look forward to supporting them with DISCOP CLUB” says Ben Flint, COO, VUULR.


VUULR is the leading global online content marketplace for Film & TV rights that connects buyers with distributors worldwide, providing them with a platform to negotiate and transact directly and securely online.The digital sales platform currently features content from producers and distributors including Warner Media, Legendary Television, Sony, SPI etc comprising over 80,000 hours of shows across over 60 genres and 90 languages. The company also champions budding, independent filmmakers by giving them an opportunity for their work to be discovered by buyers worldwide. https://www.vuulr.com/


DISCOP represents a global community of creative, production, sales, programming, acquisition, marketing, funding, and public affairs executives with a common goal: fast-track the development of Africa’s diverse and unique entertainment, media, and advertising marketplace. https://www.discop.com

Source: Press Release