Nigeria: Broadcast Regulator Says Sports Rights Exclusivity To Cease

18 June 2020


The Nigerian broadcast industry regulator - National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has made it clear it will be seeking to break the decades-old monopolistic sports broadcast rights structure in Nigeria.

The NBC re-affirmed that further to the provision of the Nigerian broadcasting code Section 6.2.8 as amended, it will be seeking to actively preclude any of its licensees from acquiring exclusive sports broadcast rights, saying that consequently, all sports broadcast rights shall, henceforth be open to sub-licencing.

Highlighting the point, NBC's acting Director-General, Professor Armstrong Idachaba, at a recent press conference, proclaimed he would be taking bold steps to shake-up the industry and more importantly, to promote and protect the local broadcast industry from long-held monopolistic market action.

Professor Idachaba also reiterated that the overarching haul of the broadcasting regulations is in the best interest of the industry at large, and even in Nigeria's national interest. The decried the fact that despite being hailed for its immensely talented creative sector, many Nigerians are not reaping the benefits that should accrue.

The National Broadcasting Commission confirms that it will be willing to listen to, and work with relevant industry stakeholders to ensure the broadcast media industry in Nigeria is devoid of anti-competition and monopolistic behaviour while working for effectively for local broadcast organisations.

Source: Nigeria Communications Week