Nigeria: New Broadcasting Code Could Risks Further Investment In Content

18 June 2020

Regulation & Policy

According to the Nigerian Vanguard Newspaper, some content distribution platforms in Nigeria are unhappy with the new national broadcasting code.


Global players such as Netflix and Amazon, as well as local ones such as iROKOtv and Africa Magic, have said the code might lead a decrease, stoppage even, of investment into the content industry.

In their opinion, the recently released broadcasting code from the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) - the industry regulator in Nigeria - could mean an end to further investments in the effective distribution of original content in the country.

Experts review of the broadcasting code confirmed that there are sections - such as sections 9.0.1 up till 9.1.1-11 which deals with how content distribution will now be organised and handled in the Nigerian broadcast media ecosystem. For example, a subdivision within the code now forbids Nigerian broadcasters from entering acquisition rights that do not allow them to sub-licence the same to other subscribers in the country.

There is also a section that stipulates a compelling requirement for the content distributor to sub-licence programmes "that enjoy massive viewership in Nigeria."

Industry watchers believe that the jury is now out on what effect this new broadcasting code will have for better or worse.

Content: Vanguard Nigeria