Afrostream taps Wiztivi for SVOD service

7 October 2016


Wiztivi has announced its collaboration with Afrostream, the innovative channel specialising in the diffusion of unlimited African and Afro-American Television media to a worldwide audience. The resulting partnership will give Orange and Bouygues customers’ access to the new SVOD service proposed by Afrostream including films, concerts, cartoons and series.

The young start up, founded in 2013, will benefit from Wiztivi’s technical knowledge and expertise throughout the deployment of this project. The project will be carried out thanks to Wiztivi’s TimelessUI, the ergonomic graphic interface, created and developed by the Wiztivi Creative Studio. This modular concept proposes an immersive media-centric UI which is adaptable to many different markets and cultures. Along with the new SVOD service, available through Orange and Bouygues STBs, TimelessUI allows also for the development of an application, compatible with companion devices creating a multi-screen, multi-device experience for users.

An ergonomic horizontal navigation system coupled with services including movie descriptions and trailers, program durations, language and subtitle options represent only some of the features on offer. A search function, powered by Backend APIs reveals search results on film titles and actors for example, a feature easily accessed through the Main Menu. As a specialist in personalised TV channels, Wiztivi’s trademark of customisation can be seen through the creation of a preference system where users can save programs they wish to view later and a parental control feature, independent of that of the STB.

Afrostream caters to vast market spanning France, Belgium, and Switzerland along with Sub-Saharans regions including Senegal and the Ivory Coast. In addition the company recently gained rights to enter more African countries, ensuring the continued growth and expansion of the brand. This project represents an exciting and fruitful adventure for Wiztivi as it sees its’ repertoire continue to grow and diversify.

“Afrostream is now available on the biggest Internet Service Providers in France, Orange and Bouygues, thanks to Wiztivi’s TimelessVOD which provides the best user experience possible. The technical partnership between Afrostream and Wiztivi will open new possibilities to bring Afrostream to every screen possible,” said Ludovic Bostral, Co-Founder and CTO of Afrostream.

“We are thrilled to partner with Afrostream on the deployment of such an innovative VOD service. By choosing to go with TimelessVOD, the integration of the Afrostream service into operator set-top boxes is made easier.” said Thibault Demartial, Sales Director at Wiztivi.

Source: TelcoTV News 29 September 2016