Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 347 on 21 August 2020

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Pineapple TV is Africa’s first launched childrens’ TV channel – CEO Carl Raccah:”The more I researched the science behind childrens’ TV, the more I realized it would help Africa.”

21 August 2020

An African-produced childrens’ TV channel has been one of those missing pieces when you look at continent’s content output. For years there have been none and now there are two. Russell Southwood spoke to Pineapple TV’s CEO Carl Raccah about its content offer and its investors. Before my call this week, I last met Carl Raccah in Lagos at his home six years ago to talk about the channel. It has taken him the best part of a decade to get Pineapple TV off the ground:”The idea for Pineapple TV came when my first child was born. He was six…