Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 353 on 30 November 2020

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Mondia launches its “Pay-As-You-Go” digital content platform Monsooq in South Africa but plans roll-out in Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Kenya

13 November 2020

The making of the mobile industry was the moment that pre-paid calling was implemented. Users with no secure income but relatively small amounts of money could become customers when they had money. This week Mondia has launched a content platform that might become the “pre-pay” moment for digital content in Africa. Russell Southwood talked to Paolo Rizzardini, CCO, Mondia about its plans. Mondia came up with idea for its ‘Pay-As-You-Go” digital content platform just 8 months ago:”We were analyzing data from the African market and realized how difficult it was to monetize Africa subscribers in a US or European ‘all-you-can-eat’…