Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 368 on 2 July 2021

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Nollywood holds its own during Covid-19 and Filmhouse launches new app to give offline and online benefits to cinema-goers

2 July 2021

It’s been a tough year for Nigeria’s Filmhouse whose activities span cinemas, film distribution and production. But as a sign of its confidence that cinema-going will hold its own despite lockdowns, it has launched a new app. Russell Southwood spoke to Moses Babatope, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Filmhouse and Segun Oni, Group Business Intelligence and Project Manager. The founders of Filmhouse in 2012 wanted to create a “multi-faceted company covering the whole value chain.” The idea was to provide their users with the content they wanted delivered in the way they wanted. In 2017 it launched its first online platform…