Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 370 on 30 July 2021

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Key African broadcasters increase their YouTube footprint but Android app numbers drop away – Individual talent develops own channels

30 July 2021

In July 2020, we published an analysis of African broadcasters and their subscriber or follower numbers for YouTube, Android apps and Facebook. This year we provide comparisons for YouTube subscribers and Android App downloads. Russell Southwood looks at what has changed. Across five key African TV markets – Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Senegal – the number of YouTube subscribers to broadcasters continues to grow. The comparisons below show the kind of increases that have taken place:                                                 2020               2021 Channels TV (Nigeria)          1.12 m             1.63 m SABC (South Africa)              963,000         1.33 m Citizen TV (Kenya)               2.02 m             2.77…