Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 378 on 2 December 2021

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Africa’s new generation of digital newsmakers are reshaping the media landscape – new report looks at who they are and how they survive

2 December 2021

Improved internet connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa has led to the growth of a new wave of digital news companies. They are surviving by doing two things: different types of news journalism and by creating new business models. Russell Southwood spoke to Mapi Mhlangu, Sembra Media about the findings of its new report for Luminate and CIMA. The report’s authors interviewed 200 digital media organizations in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. 49 of those organizations were from Sub-Saharan Africa, drawn from the following four Anglophone countries: Ghana (14), Kenya (11), Nigeria (14) and South Africa (10). The organizations chosen were…