Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 398 on 21 October 2022

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Newly released audience survey gives pointers to programming preferences across the continent

21 October 2022

Satellite operator Intelsat’s Media Market Watch 2022 gives broadcasters a peek into the programming preferences in six key African TV markets. Russell Southwood looks at what it discovered. Carried out by Geopoll, the 2021 audience survey sitting at the heart of Media Market Watch 2022 covers six key African TV markets: Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Average TV watching time varies between just under 3.5 hours a day to 4.6 hours a day: Ghana                         3.39 hrs Tanzania                    3.4 hrs Nigeria                        3.89 hrs South Africa               4.85 hrs Although Free-To-Air TV viewing is clearly alive and kicking, although other…