News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1035 on 28 August 2020

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Africa’s top handset vendor Transsion hit by pre-installed malware incident – security vendor also spotted two other similar incidents with other handset vendors

28 August 2020

Advertising and subscription fraud started the day digital advertising was invented but the malware associated with it is becoming “more and more sophisticated and human-like.” Russell Southwood spoke to Geoffrey Cleaves, Head of Secure-D about what happened and the implications of it. Without their knowledge or consent, customers who buy certain mobile phones have had malware installed that operates on them without them even knowing. This malware generates fake digital advertising revenues for fraudsters who seem largely to operate from China. The malware used is xHelper/Triada. This came to light after Secure-D – who sells security protection to MNOs and…