News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1055 on 25 June 2021

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Slow train coming – African 5G edges its way into view and South African consumers seem keen to buy, says new survey

25 June 2021

5G is slowly making its way into the market as regulators gear up to license its roll-out. Some like Mauritius have been quick to put licences in place, whilst others like Nigeria are taking their time. Russell Southwood looks at the state of play and interesting evidence from a new survey on consumer interest. According to a GSMA report in February, there were 24 operators in 18 African countries going through some process of testing and evaluating 5G. Those testing included Airtel (upgrading in Kenya), Telma (Madagascar), Gabon Telecom, Sonatel (Senegal) Vodacom and MTN (Nigeria). In October last year Vodacom…