News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1063 on 29 October 2021

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The fate of Gambia’s Comium is now in the hands of the regulator PURA – suspended for non-payment, it says it has paid up.

29 October 2021

In September Gambia’s regulator PURA issued a suspension notice to mobile operator Comium for non-payment of a variety of fees, including its licence payments. Russell Southwood looks at the history of the operator and whether a recent rescue package will succeed. Two Lebanese brothers launched competing mobile operators in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ziad Dalloul launched the more successful Africell (which attracted IFC investment in 2015) and Nizar Dalloul launched the less successful Comium. Africell launched in Gambia in 2001 and Comium in 2007. For a variety of reasons, including bad management decisions and Covid-19, Comium’s operations have gone into a steep…