News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1064 on 12 November 2021

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Kenyan start-up Little hits 1 million customers across East Africa and builds out other services through its platform, including e-bikes

12 November 2021

Kenyan start-up Little started as a ride-hailing company but has transitioned to provide a wider range of service. It has just launched in Somalia and has plans to attract external investment. Russell Southwood spoke to its founder Kamal Buhabhatti, CEO, Craft Silicon about how it has grown. Kenya’s Little started out as Little Cab in January 2015 and over five years has rolled out to four other East African countries: Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and this week, Somalia: “It has really scaled up quite well. We launched in Uganda just before Covid-19 so growth was extremely slow but it’s now really…