News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1065 on 26 November 2021

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Pan-continental connectivity challenger Paratus is joining up the fibre gaps and eying West Africa for expansion

26 November 2021

Over 9 years, Namibian-based Paratus Telecommunications has been expanding the reach of its fibre network to the point where it now reaches 14 countries in Southern and Eastern Africa. Russell Southwood spoke to the Group’s Chief Operating Officer Schalk Erasmus about the journey the company has made and its vision for the future. Paratus Telecommunications started in 2005 as an ISP and inn 2014, it rebranded to its current name and focused a portfolio of connectivity services including: leased lines, copper, MPLS, WiMAX and satellite: “Over time we evolved to become a fibre player, offering metro and a GPON network,…