News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1069 on 18 February 2022

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Slow but steady rise of e-commerce and Fintech in key countries – Insights from Kenya and Nigeria

18 February 2022

Data gathered by Kasi Insights for its Brand Intelligence Tracker from 2021 offers a glimpse into how Covid-19 affected the take-up of e-commerce in Kenya and Fintech use in Nigeria. These are both leading countries in terms of tech take-up and Russell Southwood looks at what the data is saying. According to Kasi Insights, e-commerce is a rising market in Kenya that warrants significant attention as the revenue for this year (2022) is expected to reach $3,562 million. Current user penetration is expected to be around 40.3%, but by 2025 this number is set to grow to 53.6%. It‘s important…