News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1073 on 14 April 2022

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Cybernaptics Africa makes investment to sell smart technologies in Francophone and East Africa

14 April 2022

With network access improving in a number of countries, there is renewed interest in using smart technologies as part of a digital transformation strategy (See Vodacom and FNB items, In Brief below). This week Russell Southwood talks to Viv Padyatchy, Founder and Director of Mauritius-based Cybernaptics Africa. Founded in 2009 in Mauritius, Cybernaptics Africa does four main things: IT managed services; infrastructure (data networks, servers and cloud and IP telephony), integrated services (connecting solutions to the ‘back end’) and a range of business solutions. The latter includes ERP bases on MS Dynamics, data analytics (“We make data talk.”) and robotics…