News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1079 on 8 July 2022

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Getting to grips with the transition to cloud and the security systems to keep your data assets safe in Sub-Saharan Africa

8 July 2022

Moving to the cloud has moved from being a conference ‘buzz phrase’ to something that African companies are doing in increasing numbers. Russell Southwood spoke to Andrew Mori, CEO, Deimos about the experiences of making the cloud transition, the security perils of the cloud, industry skills shortages and what Deimos is doing about them. Founded in 2018, Deimos describes itself as a cloud native developer and security operations company. It was launched out of Andrew Mori’s experiences in VC-backed, high-growth companies: “I have a lot of experience as a CTO which is a funny position. You’re managing many stakeholders outside…