News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1086 on 14 October 2022

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Open Access Data Centres puts its money on Edge computing for Sub-Saharan Africa – ‘Getting data to the edge is a practical thing’

14 October 2022

WIOCC’s Open Access Data Centers has said it will invest US$500 million in data centres across Sub-Saharan Africa in the next five years. Russell Southwood spoke this week to Open Access Data Centres’ CEO Ayotunde Coker about its Edge computing strategy and its expansion plans. Ayotunder Coker was the pioneering CEO of Rack Centre in Lagos and left to become CEO of Open Access Data Centres because “it’s part of the WIOCC Group which I’ve known for years for its connectivity contribution. It has a broad strategy for the continent, which is right. In terms of data centres, it wants…