News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1087 on 28 October 2022

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Nivi's mobile-based ‘conversational marketplace’ in health looks to create an ecosystem of partners who are interested in user acquisition

28 October 2022

Once upon a time every last NGO was creating pilot health apps in Sub-Saharan Africa. But those that have gained some deeper understanding are now getting into their stride. On a recent visit to Washington DC, Russell Southwood spoke to Ben Bellows, Chief Business Officer, Nivi about how it’s vision and operations have expanded. Bellows says the idea for Nivi “grew out of a dissatisfaction with ‘business as usual and the way the development sector was and continues to do ‘m-health’.” He landed in Kenya to work for the Population Council in the same week that the Seacom cable was…