News update Telecoms and ICT in Africa – Issue No 33 on 4 August 2000

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Africa's e-press for ICT professionals - making sense of Africa's muddy Limpopo of information

4 August 2000

The growth of the internet in Africa has spawned a number of free news services for those working in the ICT sector. Accurate, up-to-date information is vital for shaping business decisions and policy debates. In this issue News Update examines three services that provide regular information about computing, telecomms and the internet. ITWEB - SOUTH AFRICA'S ICT NEWS PROVIDER ITWeb was founded in 1996 on little more than a credit card overdraft, after MD Jovan Regasek visited South Africa for a wedding and identified an opportunity in the local market. At the time, Regasek was the editor of Racunari, the…