News Update - Telecoms and ICT in Africa - Issue No 1090 on 19 December 2022

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Ghanaian fintech Bezo Money raises US&750,000 to offer social financial products and services – Acquires 100,000 users

19 December 2022

The mobile phone financial ecosystem is steadily growing in depth and one of the more successful areas is small-scale loans. Russell Southwood spoke to Bezo Money CEO Mubarak Sumalia about how it is addressing the market in Ghana. Bezo Money CEO Mubarak Sumalia had no difficulty understanding what his potential customers needed and why: “I grew up in a slum in Accra and I understand why people have stayed at the same level economically and I think there’s something very wrong with this.” In order to make an entry into the annual MEST programme entry competition he went to see…